You can choose from 3 different selections


It is the most rigorous selection that we are offering. It is the perfect option that goes ideally to exacting jobs as for example historical monuments, official buildings or special construction works.

The OPTIMA selection is also very much adapted for the realization of nice home properties.


It is a well finished selection obtaining an excellent product at competitive price. It is a pretty regular slate that has the advantage to be easily fixed by the user. It is recommended for all kind of works.

Naturelle or Rustica

The slate produced for this selection is extracted from the same blocks as those above mentioned selections.

It will give your roof a rougher surface as the slate is thicker and less plane but obtaining a genuine natural aspect.

Some natural characteristics of natural roofing slate


Among the essential characteristics of natural slate, the impermeability represents a fundamental criterion. Its main function is to ensure the perfect watertightness of the roof.
In fact, natural slate protects from rain, snow, wind…


Slate is constant and inalterable through time. In fact, it perfectly resists to humidity, heat, wind, snow, air contamination…

The use of this type of material is a synonym of longevity and many reference of significative jobs are laid with natural slate.


The beauty of a roof using natural slate is unquestionable evidence.

Thanks to its soft natural tonalities and varied texture, the wide range of sizes used or the different installation techniques, the most outstanding aesthetic effects can be obtained, finding difficult to compare with any other roof material.


The use of natural slate compared to any other roofing material is a much more economical choice of what is thought if we consider the longevity of this product as well as the minimum maintenance necessary.

Roofing slate installation is an easy and economical process, since it only needs a hook or two nails, while the installation of any other artificial or reconstructed product often needs special and expensive complements.


In the construction sector, natural slate is for sure one of the materials most used by man since former times.

It is also one of the most resistant and aesthetic materials, with smooth shades of colour and varied textures.

With its natural stripes and its versatile characteristics, slate has been and will continue to be, through generations, the natural preference of architects, interior designers or contractors.