Our Company

Since more than 3 generations our family business specializes in sourcing and production of natural slate products for roofing, flooring and external paving or decorating applications.
During all these years we have gained a solid experience and excellent reputation which probably helped us become today one of the oldest company in this industry.


We offer the best Spanish slate

Pizarras y Derivados slates are extracted and manufactured out from the best deposits and can be adapted to all types of applications and requirements. Once manufactured, they are ready to be exported to more than 20 countries around the world, thanks to a flexible and effective transport network organization. Self builders, specifiers, merchants, contractors and homeowners are welcome at Pizarras y Derivados and should be free to contact us.


Architects, designers and builders still prefer natural slate

Natural slate is probably one of the world’s oldest continuously used roofing materials, with many of the world’s oldest surviving buildings being roofed with slate. The durability of good slate is demonstrated by the fact a great many reclaimed slates are installed on re-roofing projects after decades of previous use.

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